In 2017 we began this new segment on Sesame Street called Monster Foodies, pairing the beloved Cookie Monster with a Muppet named Gonger (from the British children's show Furchester Hotel) working in their own food truck and fielding orders from live children via video message. To complete their recipe, the monsters drive the truck to a specific location and learn about where certain foods originally come from. I had the honor of directing a few of these, and will be directing another batch of episodes this spring.

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Council Bluffs, Iowa (July 13-15, 2018)
I will be among the guests lined up for this event where fans can celebrate their favorite pop culture by meeting actors, artists, and writers. There's a lot of art and merchandise for sale, panels to attend on interesting topics, and crowds full of people dressed like their favorite characters or wearing their favorite superhero tees.


I have the honor and pleasure of returning to the Olney Theatre Center to direct this Rodgers and Hammerstein classic. I am excited to explore this rich story with its lush score and beautiful lyrics. The themes of prejudice and diversity, love and acceptance, which seemed ahead of its time in 1949, still have a deep resonance and impact in today's current climate. Choreography by Darren Lee.


After a sold-out show at the Museum of the Moving Image in NYC, The Humans of Sesame Street is ready to visit your city or town! Perfect for theatres, museums, colleges, and other performance venues, this show pays tribute to the human cast of the iconic children's television series Sesame Street. Join cast members Bob McGrath (Bob), Sonia Manzano (Maria), Roscoe Orman (Gordon), Alan Muraoka (Alan), Emilio Delgado (Luis) and Allison Bartlett (Gina) as they share their unique stories. (Cast members may vary depending on availability)

Through classic clips, music photographs, and live performance, you will understand the humor and the heart that has made Sesame Street the world's most beloved and revered children's show. A beloved memory is priceless, and Sesame Street has been creating these memories for 46 years (and counting!). Click here for more information on booking.


For the 5th year, I choreographed the performance for the Sesame Street cast float for the NBC Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Our guest star this year was the talented Leslie Odom Jr. (Hamilton, Murder on the Orient Express)

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I had the honor of directing a staged concert of this new American musical written by the ASCAP Cole Porter Award winning composer/lyricist Jason Ma. It was presented on October 21, 2017 at the Times Center in NYC. Produced by Baayork Lee's National Asian Artists Project in partnership with Prospect Theater, the show starred, Broadway's Ali Ewoldt (currently playing Christine in Phantom of the Opera), and a talented group of Asian American actors. Musical Direction by Kristin Rosenfeld and Choreography by Billy Bustamante.

If interested in seeing more about this project, please go to


I had the honor of directing some scenes for the current season of “Sesame Street” with Tony-winning actor Bill Irwin. Bill is back portraying “Mr. Noodle,” and the fact that I got to be in a room with him and share ideas was definitely a highlight of my directing career. 


Martin Casella's haunting play, The Report just completed its run at NY International Fringe festival, and was met with full houses and critical success. Here's what the critics said:

"Huge kudos to director Alan Muraoka for wringing the best out of his actors and his staging, and… last but not least, here's hoping that the show will move, get booked for a run. It's well worth seeing again and again."
- Julia Polinsky,

"The play unfolds as a mystery story. Director Alan Muraoka plunges the audience into the terror and confusion of inciting disaster… This is a verbal play that asks the audience to lean forward and listen closely, but the theatricality of Muraoka's production holds our attention"
- Jason Jacobs,

"Director Alan Muraoka does a splendid job keeping things well-paced and accessible for the audience, despite the numerous characters who are being portrayed, the back-and-forth movement of time, and the layers of information we need to sift through." –
- Howard Miller,

"The Report is exceptionally well staged by director Alan Muraoka"
- Roark Littlefield,

"4 STARS! "Gripping."
- Dana Varinsky, Time Out

"Director Alan Muraoka marshals the 12-person ensemble through a barrage of overlapping scenes jumping across time and space…Muraoka thrillingly succeeds in not only keeping everything straight, but adding the little details that one would expect from a particularly good mystery novel."
- Zachary Stewart, TheaterMania


April 9 - May 4, 2014
Olney Theatre .

My new concept for this show takes this beautiful show and gives it more resonance for a 2014 audience, and the critics agree:

“Once on This Island” at the Olney Theatre Center is a burst of spring, a warm 90-minute fairy tale told to breezy Caribbean rhythms…a light-footed charmer”
Nelson Pressley, The Washington Post

5 out of 5 stars  “Director Alan Muraoka brings a stroke of genius to this musical with his framework for the production. Setting the opening scene in a storm crisis center, it draws a current emotional connecting bridge to the way a weather event can upend the lives of an island and the importance of telling a story. Muraoka draws together an exceptionally talented group of performers to bring a resplendent jubilance to the stage in this moving tale of compassion and life.
Amanda Gunther,

“Veteran theatre director Alan Muraoka…assembled a talented cast and creative team to deliver a tightly-staged, colorful spectacle in which the story showcases the best of humanity but at times presents a dark reality. He uses a Red Cross shelter following the storm as the setting in the present to symbolically remind the audience of the effects of such disasters on the population, which have been all too common in Haiti. These efforts come into play in Once On This Island as the high-voltage performers are clothed in vivid and at times, rather unconventional Caribbean garb while a stunning set provides an attractive and functional backdrop.  Add to that the splashy bright pastel lighting and excellent sound design and you have a first-rate production through and through…This well directed and performed production is worthy of the standing ovation it received.”
Steve Charling,

“Once On This Island” at the Olney Theatre Center is just plain exceptional…If you've ever watched "Sesame Street" during the last 16 years you'd recognize the Director, Alan Muraoka…And what a Director he is. He has done a masterful job with this production and amazing cast
Charles Shubow,

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